A louvered roof creates the ideal outdoor space in which to spend time all year round.

The aluminum louvers can tilt automatically to generate the perfect amount of shade and sun. Together with decorative walls such as zipped roller blinds, you can create your own microclimate under your pergola. As a result, you can keep enjoying life under your louver canopy even when it gets a bit colder outside.

Extra room outdoors

Thanks to the many options, you can furnish it however you wish

Enjoy the same comfort outdoors as indoors. A louvered roof is installed faster than a conservatory and creates an extra outdoor space.

  • LED lighting, speakers
  • Walls for shelter and privacy
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Infrared heating

Customized pergola

Freestanding or built-on

Do you want a freestanding structure on 4 leg poles or a fully built-in or a built-on pergola with 1 or more leg poles?

The leg poles immediately create space to subtly incorporate the speakers, power sockets and USB charging points. They are also the anchor points for attaching decorative walls such as our wooden sliding wall or zipped roller blinds.


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